Spring Twilight West of Chicago

Anybody that passes it is struck by the neon glow. It’s either that or the massive, illuminated, black and white sign against the aged teal siding. It looks like a regular house. While people have seen shadowy figures in the attic windows long after close, it doesn’t stop them from cramming into every last spaceContinue reading “Spring Twilight West of Chicago”

The Edge of the Wood

This is a piece that I wrote and performed at my local open mic night. It took place at a small coffeehouse that I haunt in Illinois, in southwest Chicagoland, in the western suburbs, south of the rivers and canals, and northeast of the westernmost Cook County forest preserves. I went early to work withContinue reading “The Edge of the Wood”

An Inkling from an Inker, that Tinkers with Drinkers and Plinkers.

I’d like to welcome you! From my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, y’all are more than welcome to gaze upon everything from my museum of thoughts and creative ideas, to my interpretations of and adventures in the outside world. BE WARNED! I am not a professional writer. I am not an amateur writer. My writing experienceContinue reading “An Inkling from an Inker, that Tinkers with Drinkers and Plinkers.”