An Update

So after what will most definitely be the most interesting and chaotic time of my life thus far, I’ve kept detailed notes, and made every attempt where possible to record high quality audio and video. What follows is an account of what will possibly be the most slightly-above-average piece of post-modern American literature that will have little to no foreseen affect on the world population as a whole. Strap yourselves in, we’re going to go do doughnuts in the cornfield of mediocrity. The names and places have been slightly modified to protect the innocent, with records and audio files going back five years, spanning the end of a decade that was marred by social and political turmoil.

I hope you’ll follow along as this is one of the most basic things that a writer can do. Write something usual. Something that contains primary source information to give an idea about the social interaction between a human and it’s surroundings on planet earth. No further details will be provided.

Published by Chaotic Lazy

Life exists in the inverse of your ego.

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