So about a year ago, I really threw myself at food. I had just returned from an incredible two week jaunt through Germany, Italy and Holland, and wanted to try to recapture some of the most delicious things that I had tasted and for which I had fallen madly in love.

It starts with heavier fare, the more German, Dutch and Italian meat-inspired dishes, but continue onto lighter cuisine, marked by experiences with street vendors and fresher ingredients made into little hand held sandwiches no bigger than your palm.

Essentially, I wanted this to be a sandwich shop experience where I could share what I found made me happy and gave me a recharge for the day’s exploring. I included dollar signs for how complicated or expensive something might be.

I’m not sure if it is obvious or no, but I have a hot, deep, glowing love for bread.

Happy eating adventurers, maybe when you’re done trying these out, I’ll write out my experiences. 🙂

“The Heavies” PESANTISIMO $$ or $$$

The Butcher! (Il Macellaio) $$$
Fresh Italian (Semolina Bread) using your best olive oil possible to dress. Mix red grapes, assorted berries and dark red wine like Malbec or Port and blend until liquid for a red spread. Heat in saucepan, stir until thick. Place a thick, frozen cut of meat into a super-hot pan. Flatten the meat against the pan until medium rare, remove and allow it to rest. Slice the meat into half inch thick slices, drop into bread, then smear the red spread onto the bread. After, lay on roasted sliced peppers, fresh basil & arugula, drop sea salt, and the preferred formaggio Italiano (Italian Cheese, i/e Ricotta Salata, Mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, Parmesan, etc…)

Hinterhältige Gurke $$$
Thick dark Rye or pumpernickel, brushed with a spicy horseradish or Thousand Island-style dressing, topped with Liverwurst and 1 slice of pastrami, draped with slices of Muenster, covered in Sauerkraut with chopped onion & pickles.

Breakfast $$
Thick toasted or grilled bagel, or fresh made tortillas. Dollop of scrambled eggs whipped in cream cheese, topped with shredded smoky cheddar and crispy bacon over thickly-julienned potato strips seasoned with garlic and marjoram, fried in olive oil.

BLT $$
2 slices of thick Grilled bread spread with Horseradish aioli, topped with a thick crispy home-cut Bacon-esque pork belly draped with greens (arugula, basil, romaine) and 4 razor-thin sliced heirloom tomatoes rolled over one another.

Le Petite Pauvre $$$
Fresh French baguette with beer-battered Fried fish, chicken or shrimp (depending on fresh availability) drizzled in a garlic lemon aioli and covered in Diced ice berg lettuce, sliced pickles and fresh yellow onions.

The Flyer (small) $$ /Broad Street Bully (large) $$$
French baguette spread with horseradish aioli, thin grilled chopped steak with mushrooms and onions, draped with provolone/cheddar and melted to perfection, served with optional homemade Gairdner.

The Admiral (L’Ammiraglio)$$$
Thick hoagie roll cored out (save bread for dipping crumbs/croutons, toasted, grilled or fried) sliced beer brat, spread 1 side w/German mustard, 1 side w/garlic & herb goat cheese, drop cheese curds on top, followed by diced onions & homemade pickle slices.
Cinnamon & Chile Apple & fruit sauce for dipping or as a side.
Small Wisconsin Creme Puff for dessert.

“Pretty Lites” LUCI GRAZIOSE $
Heiss/Kalt ButtaBrot
Thick slice of crispy/crusty fresh bread, fried in pan olive oil & garlic style. Spread thick with cold salted butter after heated, or served chilled.
Allow with a small slice of Cheese-
Such as the Dutch Raw Milk Truffle Gouda from Melkbus in Holland.

Smaller, sliced, open faced bagel halves layered with cream cheese topped with a.) Capers & diced white/red onions under smoked salmon filet OR b.) Melted cheddar topped with the smoked barbecue meat of the day-
Brisket, pulled pork, chopped ribs or pulled chicken.

Italian Sandwich Street Snack (Spuntino al Risto)
Rustic Italian Roll with poppy seeds, liberally spread with salted butter. Topped with aged & wine-soaked Prosciutto & Salami topped with Manchego, Gorgonzola or Robiola Bosina cheese, dressed with basil and arugula, drizzled with Balsamic de Modena.

Formaggio Grigliato
Slices of rustic baguette grilled or seared to golden brown, dressed with butter & cheese, assorted herb-dusted and closed.
Pan-melted cheese combinations-
Cheddar, Mozzarella & Bleu
Gruyere, Smoked Gouda & Cabot/Aged Sharp Cheddar

Alcohol provided with each meal-
(Nothing too light, nothing too heavy. Get hammered on your own time.)
1 Dopplebock, Bock or Fest Ales served in half pints.
1 Kentucky Bourbon, small batch porter or country ale served in small snifters.
1 Traditional Italian Grappa or home made Limoncello in tiny ornate glasses.
And finally, a deep red dessert wine, served from a glass jug, treated with respect & care, and wiped with a white cloth after pouring into a small, shallow, dessert wine glass.

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